How do I use the Saved Cart feature?

The saved cart feature allows you to create "Saved Carts" for future use. These can either be quick re-order lists OR you can use the saved cart feature to build one big order for the day that can be recalled and then easily added to your shopping cart at the end of the day.

To begin, first login to the website. Then, browse or search for your first item that you want added to your new cart.

From the item detail screen you should see the following:

Since this is the first item for our new cart, click the drop-down box and select "New Cart". Type a name in the "Cart Name:" box and then enter a quantity to order in the "Qty:" box. Next, click the "Save to Saved Cart" button. This will add your item to the Saved Cart. Repeat this process for all items you want to add to your saved cart.

This cart list will now be available to you at anytime from the User Account menu option located on the left hand menu.



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